Cookies policy

When you browse our website, information may be stored in cookies that we or third parties have placed on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

This information document provides information about the use of cookies associated with the browser software of your smartphone, tablet or computer. This side allows you to understand what cookies are, so we can use your permission to block these cookies.

Cookies are small text files that are saved on your device (browser) when browsing different sites. Cookies are set to secure or improve site performance. Also, they are used for typing information of an analytical nature, for example, like a koristuvach on the site, so it’s a place to change, my language is too thin.

You can use your browser's other browser to navigate through a variety of cookies. Browsers can be set up so that cookies are created only after the previous year, or they are allowed. 

We can make changes to this information side according to the world's needs, which are used to change the cookies, or we can change the rules that are allowed to the cookies.