How to place an order?

You can place an order in any convenient way:

Do you have ready-made dresses and shirts in stock?

The range always includes ready-made dresses, blouses and shirts.

Not available in my size. Can I order my size?

Yes, you can order any product based on your individual measurements.

How to take body measurements for individual tailoring?

Please contact our manager +38(099)1130031 (Tel/ Viber/ WhatsApp)

I have a special figure. Can I order personal tailoring?

Yes we can create any of our products according to your body measurements. Please contact our manager +380 99 113 00 31 (Tel/ Viber/ WhatsApp)

I live not in Kyiv and I don't have an opportunity to come to the try-ons.

This is not a problem for us. We have extensive experience in sewing without try-ons. Please contact our manager for further information +380 99 113 00 31 (Tel/ Viber/ WhatsApp).

What are the deadlines for creating an order by individual body measurements?

Production time depends on the model complexity.
It can takes from 2 weeks (for shirts and blouses) to 5 weeks (for wedding gowns)

Pay attention!!! In the high season of "spring-summer" production terms may be slightly longer.

In any case, contact our manager. We are flexible!

Do you offer gift wrapping?

Yes, there is always a presentable gift box in stock. It can be purchased in addition to your order. Also, each order we nicely and carefully put in a branded package.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, we do. You can buy a gift card and put any amount there. You can order a personal gift card.
For more information please contact our manager +380 99 113 00 31 (Tel/ Viber/ WhatsApp)

What types of embroidery do you have?

Professional embroidery masters in the POLONETS brand use modern means of production on high-tech professional equipment.
At the request of the client, we can decorate the product with any technique: hand, combined and machine embroidery.
The chosen technique of embroidering influences the execution time and formation of product price.