Offer contract

Public contract for the purchase and sale of goods on the Internet through the Internet

Lower texts of the text with the address of the FISICHIA of the FILE, Yaki have been living in the Teritator of Ukraine, I є OFININA PUPOSICA, IMENTALY SENTERS, IAKA FISTIA ISTENA, I am a shameful agreement. 634 of the Civil Code of Ukraine and virazyla acceptance of the offer and confirmation of the confirmation on the site /strong> and in the interests of the authorities, or in the interests of a legal entity, which is called nadaly BUYER, laid down this public Agreement (further referred to as “Agreement”) about lower veterinarians:


1.1. Under the concept of “Goods”, within the framework of this Agreement, the goods presented on the website, where the price is indicated, the name that description i, yakі available to pridbannya. The product can also be accompanied by the images.

1.2. Under the terms of the "Internet store", within the framework of this Agreement, it is understood that a software and functional complex, placements on the site, which allows you to get to know the Goods, its appearance, technical characteristics, price, payment fees, costs and delivery lines, guarantee goiter, just to be sure, to pay for the presentation of the displayed rahunka

1.3. Under the concept of "Overpayment" within the framework of this Agreement, it is necessary to understand the advance payment for the goods, the existence of which is transferred in the terms indicated in the description of the Goods.

1.4. Under the understanding of “Koshik”, within the framework of this Agreement, a part of the Internet store is considered, which is charged for the observation and distribution in the real hour of the goods selected by the BUYER for the purpose of receiving from the designated wages on them.

1.5. According to the understanding of the “Replacement”, within the framework of this Agreement, the appointment of the BUYER for the help of Koshik will be transferred to the Commodities, their number of designated PIB PURCHASE and yogo contact details.


2.1. The SELLER of goiters is on the minds that in order, appointed by the AGREEMENT to sell the PURCHASE Goods that are the subject of sale for the THIS AGREEMENT, and the BUYER of the goiters is on the minds of that in the order, appointed by the AGREEMENT, to buy the names of the Goods and pay the price

2.2. The SELLER guarantees that the Goods are not handed over to the outpost, not to be in dispute, under arrest, and the rights of third parties are not granted.

2.3. The SELLER and the BUYER confirm that the data of the Agreement are not fictitious, succumbing to the right, right, which is committed under the influx of violence, or I will deceive.

2.4. Seller PIDARDZHEN, MAH MAH NEVKHIDNI allowed to beasted to the health of the MARADARSOKOLOSTI, the regulation of the right-handed manner, the Vikannnya is vikannia, and the same guarantor, the right to realize the goods without it, it is obscene, it is obscene, that goiter is to bear responsibility for the damage to the rights of the PURCHASE in the process of concluding the Agreement and the sale of the Goods.


3.1. At the Vidpovіdov, 633, 641, 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, the Rules for the sale of goods on the shock of the trading of the sub -execution of the dedication of the Yekonika Ukrainian, 19.04.2007 No. 103 Document Documentary by phone or in the office) or by letter (via the website or by e-mail) and withdrawal of this notice by the Seller - we will acknowledge and accept this public contract and the information posted on the site.


4.1. All informational materials presented in the Internet-shop are of preliminary nature and cannot transmit reliable information about the power and characteristics of the Goods, including colors, sizes and shapes. At the moment of vindication at the PURCHASING food, which are worthy of power and characteristics of the Goods, before the execution of the Consignment, the BUYER is guilty of returning to the SELLER.

4.2. Completed by the BUYER The closing and further handing over of the purchase, means sufficient knowledge of the PURCHASE with the technical characteristics of the Goods, its functional capabilities, and information about the terms of delivery and warranty service.

4.3. Depending on the availability of the Ordered Goods in the warehouse of the SELLER, among the reasons why not to lie in the form of the SELLER, the SELLER has the right to cancel the appointments of the Goods from the Consignment PURCHASE, and inform about the PURCHASE through the direct electronic transfer to the address, assigned to the address, >

4.4. Consignment is respected at the moment of actual transfer of Goods, which enter the Consignment Warehouse, BUYERS on the basis of a bill of lading signed by the BUYER, seen by the SELLER. According to the vicoon, the SELLER before the BUYER is respected by the vicons.

4.5. The right of power over the Goods to pass from SELLER to PURCHASE at the time of transfer to the Goods. Confirmation of the transfer of the right of authority to the Goods to serve as a PURCHASE signature on the invoice (receipt, delivery register), seen by the SELLER, transport or courier company. Risks of spending or paying a fee for the Goods will go from SELL to BUY at the time of transfer to the transport or courier company.

4.6. Having accepted the Agreement, the BUYER grants the SELLER the right to withdraw, withdraw, win, expand and take back the information given by the BUYER from the connection with the conclusions of this Agreement:

4.6.1. It is necessary for private persons and organizations to ensure that they perform their functions, or for the provision of services to the SELLER, it is necessary to lay agreements between such persons (organizations) and the SELLER.

4.6.2. Necessary in other circumstances, depending on the law of Ukraine


5.1. The price of the skin-covered Goods is determined by the SELLER at his own discretion and is published in the online store.

5.2. The price of the Goods and the Consignment are set in hryvnias of Ukraine.

5.3. The price of the Agreement is more expensive than the price of the Castle. The amount can be changed depending on the amount of the price, the quantity or the nomenclature of the Goods.

5.4. PURCHASE to carry out 100% payment for the goods vіdpovіdno before the installation on the pіdstavі rahunka of the SELLER, as it is not yet assigned to the rahunka for payment.

5.5. The deposit is required to be paid from the moment 100% of the payment for the goods is paid for the sale of the SELLER. The fact of such payment is confirmed by the year of PURCHASE with the minds of this Agreement.

5.6. Delivery of the Order by the SELLER is charged after 100% payment of the Order.

5.7. In the event of an incorrect statement of the price promised by the BUYER to the Goods, the SELLER will inform you about the PURCHASE for confirmation or cancellation of the Offer. In case of impossibility to contact the BUYER, it is necessary to cancel the order. If the Settlement has been paid, the SELLER shall return to the BUYERS paid for the Settlement amount by way and redirected to the BUYER's account or in another acceptable way.

5.8. The price of the Goods in the Internet store can be changed by the SELLER unilaterally. If so, the price for the BUYER's orders is not changed.

5.9. Until the moment of zarahuvannya koshtіv PURCHASE on rozrahunkovy account SELLER goods are not reserved. The SELLER cannot guarantee the availability of the Goods in the SELLER's warehouse in the quantity specified at the time of issuing the Order, as a result of which, the lines of processing the Order may be increased. It will be necessary to return the money to the SELLER of the BUYER for the return of the money to the BUYER of the goiter, please inform the SELLER of the details of the bank account, for which the SELLER of the goiter will be repaid pennies.