Heritage & Modernity In POLONES Collections

Oksana Polonets is a successful and ambitious Ukrainian fashion designer whose brand gained recognition in Ukraine and abroad. Her brand POLONETS creates modern clothing in the national Ukrainian style, from the casual to the wedding, where each piece uniquely combines Ukrainian culture and contemporary fashion trends.

Creating beautiful clothes was her childhood dream that became a reality thanks to her university education, hard work, experience in the fashion industry, and a passionate ambition to achieve the success she wanted. The designer deeply studies the culture, traditions, and art of embroidery of the people of Ukraine and successfully incorporates them into modern clothing.

Ukrainian culture, traditional ethnic clothing, and the art of national embroidery have a fascinating and long history. These priceless treasures deserve deep respect and are a source of unlimited inspiration that has become the basis of the designer's work. In her designs, Oksana Polonets considers important world trends and focuses on honoring heritage, preserving family values, conserving our planet's resources and environmental friendliness. The combination of traditions with new creative ideas and modern technologies, respecting the rich Ukrainian history and art, provides endless opportunities for creativity and future development.

Stylish geometric and colorful floral ornaments, masterfully embroidered with natural threads, decorate each piece of clothing. The successful mix of delicate natural materials, such as marquisette, linen, hemp, and nettle, makes it possible to create exquisite women's blouses and elegant dresses, men's shirts, and clothes for special occasions. Such clothes successfully demonstrate the beauty of Ukrainian culture and refined taste, popularize national motives in clothing, and emphasize Ukrainian identity.

The wedding dress collections deserve special attention. Oksana Polonets has her own original style that has resonated in the hearts of many stylish brides from all over the world. Unique evening and wedding dresses with national ethnic embroidery created by the designer are characterized by sophistication and elegance. Transparent lightweight materials decorated with textured embroidery, voluminous sleeves and skirts, emphasized waistline and expressive multi-layered dresses are a successful and original mix of traditional Ukrainian clothing and modern fashion trends.

Over the years, the Ukrainian designer has received dozens of awards and gratitude, thousands of satisfied clients and hundreds of shows in Ukraine, as well as in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Asia. Thanks to her insistence, the designer does not stop there and, together with her team, confidently moves forward. She and her team introduce new technologies, develop exclusive designs, create new collections, and always perfectly integrate traditional ornaments with contemporary fashion trends. The main message of Oksana Polonets is to highlight that Ukrainian traditions are a significant basis for modern designs, opening up endless possibilities for creating a new Ukrainian culture. The designer's mission is to restore and develop the cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people and popularize Ukrainian culture in the world.


Article for magazine "Art & Culture", July 2024. South Korea, Seoul